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Trinity Baptist Church

Elders and Staff



J.T. Thornton - Lead Pastor/Elder



Will Duniven

My name is Will Duniven, my family and I have attended Trinity since October of 2007. My wife, LynnAnn, and I have served in several capacities in that time frame from leading Sunday School and Re|Engage to our current role as part of the technology team running sound and operating the Mevo livestream. We love our church and have grown so much over the years because of the body being willing to pour into us.

The thing I like the most about serving at Trinity is being a part of something bigger than myself.

My role as an Elder: I believe The Lord has gifted me in the areas of support and encouragement. My nature as an introvert has helped me develop an attentive ear. I have preached from time to time and I do not mind being in the pulpit, but I believe that God has gifted me in the area of support and encouragement and that is how I contribute to the church staff, the elder body and our membership. 

I love our body and am thankful to be apart of what God is doing at Trinity.


Eddie Mitchell


My wife Cresta and myself, have been members of Trinity Baptist Church for 7 ½ years. I served as a deacon for 36 years in various churches prior to being elected as an Elder at Trinity. While continuing to be a servant, the rolls of elder are somewhat different than deacon. As an Elder we are called to devote ourselves to prayer and to shepherd the flock.

Even from our first visit to Trinity, it has remained a welcoming church and we enjoy welcoming and loving others. We have both served in many capacities in churches where we have lived. Colorado City, Sweetwater, Childress and San Angelo. Cresta and I have been married 50 years and have a son and daughter and three grandchildren. I was born in Sweetwater and moved to Trent in the eighth grade and finished high school there. I graduated from Texas Tech University with major in Ag Economics. Over the years, I have had careers in the USDA, banking, insurance and farming/ranching. I retired in 2011 from First Financial Bank but I am still active in farming and ranching.

Cresta grew up in Trent where we met in high school. She has worked in several schools as a teacher and retired from Sweetwater ISD in 2004.

Since retirement, we have also loved to travel all over the US in our RV and on several trips to other countries.



Bill Stein

It is an honor to be called to serve here at Trinity Baptist Church with you. I have been blessed by God to be a member of the body of Trinity for over 16 years. When I first walked through the doors of the sanctuary I was a “back row Baptist” ducking out as soon as we were dismissed, but as I have been disciple and poured into by many members of Trinity, God has and continues to grow me and deepen my relationship with Him. God through his grace and love has brought me to a place of service I never considered or feel worthy of. 

God has blessed me with many gifts that I have been fortunate to be able to use and tap into here at Trinity. I have been able to lead the Ramp Project, foreign and domestic mission trips, lead and co-lead life groups, be part of the leadership team for Regeneration, and serve as an elder. While I have grown in many areas, I still need God daily and have much room to grow. Failure is not an if but a when, but by His grace, love and mercy He picks me up dusts me off and points me back down the path He has for me. 

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Jessica, for almost 17 years. She is one of the biggest blessings I have received from God. Her background in the mission field alongside her family and her devotion to God has aided immensely in my growth as a Christian. We have two children, Katie (13) and Allie (12) and are now raising a third child Jasmine (1), who we hope to someday adopt. We look forward to many more years serving God as He leads. We hope that much of that time will be spent here with our close friends and church family. 

I want to thank God for each of you and for the love you show us. 


Don Ware


 My wife Kay and myself, have been at Trinity since 1975. We have two grown children, Angela and Scott, along with three grand children. I enjoy spending time with them and being part of each of their lives. I grew up in Menard, Texas and hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Angelo State University. After serving in the U.S. Army, I began a career in public health with the Sweetwater Nolan County Health Department. I retired from my position as director in 2015 after 42 years of service there. While I am retired I still enjoy assisting the Health Department when needed.
I have served Trinity Baptist Church in numerous ways over the last 46 years. I currently serve as an Elder, the Senior Adult Ministry Leader, and a Life Group leader. 
My main pursuits outside of church are antiques, fishing, wood working, wood carving, and grandchildren. Kay and I run an antique store, Kickapoo Antiques, in Paint Rock, Texas near the family ranch. Kay and I also enjoy getting away to the ranch when possible. 

Trinity Staff:


Ashley Barns - Student Minister




Kellen Bowhay - Office Administrator/Worship Minister




Bonnie Ruiz - Nursery Assistant


Dana Stuber - Children's Director