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Trinity Baptist Church

Life Groups

Life Groups meet at various times throughout the week.  These groups are a great place to grow in relationship with others and with God.  

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Derek and Jenny Montgomery - Sundays 6PM - Roscoe

Gary and Gretchen Jones - Sundays 6PM - Sweetwater

Matt and Sonda McGowen - Mondays 6pm - Sweetwater

Donna Stewart - Mondays 6PM - Sweetwater

Wes and Shelly Williams - Tuesdays 6PM - Roscoe

Mitchells and Bewleys - Wednesdays 6PM - Sweetwater

Bohall and Stapp - Wednesdays 6:30PM - Trinity

Richard and Vicki Foust - Wednesdays 6PM - Sweetwater

David and Karyn Green - Wednesdays 6PM - Sweetwater

Bruce and Maureen Hess - Wednesdays 6PM - Sweetwater

Ussery and Vermillion - WEDNESDAYS 6PM - SWEETWATER