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Following Where God Leads: Through Worship

Posted by Robert Ellis on

Sermon notes for Following Where God Leads: Through Worship

Isaiah 6:1-8 / Nov 15, 2020



Worship is one of the core values of our church, as our GROW acrostic shows: Gospel, Relationships, On mission, Worship. Since it’s so important to what we are about as a church, it’s helpful to reflect on what we mean by worship.


  • How do you define worship?
  • Is worship something that happens in private and as a community?
  • If worship happens in both contexts, what’s the difference between private worship and worship in community?
  • How important is worship in community?
  • If you have had the experience of joining in our church’s worship on Sunday morning through Facebook or YouTube, how has it gone for you? Was it meaningful? Are there things we can do to make virtual worship more effective from your experience?


Isaiah 6 reports on an amazing experience that Isaiah had as he was praying at the temple. There the Lord appeared in a vision to Isaiah, calling him into prophetic ministry. The story also offers a model of what a worship service can be. The model suggests that in a worship service, we may go through the following steps:


  • Experience the presence of Holy God
  • Come to understand ourselves better in light of experiencing God’s presence
  • Confession of sin
  • Receiving God’s forgiveness
  • Hearing God’s call to serve
  • Commitment to follow where God leads.


While some worship services may incorporate all the elements in this Isaiah 6 paradigm of worship, it’s often the case that worship at different times focuses on different ones of these elements.


  • Do you think some of these elements in the Isaiah 6 model are essential for worship to happen?
  • How can we as worshippers foster the experience of one or all of these elements when we come to worship?

How can you prepare for worship next Sunday?