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Group Discussion - Surprising Grace

Posted by Matt McGowen on with 1 Comments

Unwrap the gift of God's troubling, surprising, overcoming grace found in Christ alone.

Scripture: Luke 1:26-48


  • Gabriel calls Mary 'favored one' (Luke 1:26-30). In other words, the angel is saying that God's favor has been bestowed upon Mary. Mary was troubled by this greeting? Why?
  • In Acts 17:6 Paul and his friends are called 'men who have turned the world upside down.' In what ways does grace turn our world upside down? How can this be troubling?
  • Sometimes we are troubled that God's grace could rest on 'me.' Sometimes we are troubled that God's grace could rest on 'them.' What can we do when we are troubled in either way?
  • God's surprising grace accomplishes what we could never accomplish ourselves. Why did Mary find God's promise surprising (Luke 1:31,34)?
  • How have you encountered God's grace when and where you least expected?
  • God's grace overcomes (Luke 1:35-37).  Mary, a poor virgin girl, had some significant circumstantial barriers to becoming pregnant with the Messiah. Yet, God was bigger.  How has God been 'bigger' in your life?
  • We have the privilege to be people who announce 'God is bigger' than addiction, sin, broken marriage, sickness, etc.  How can the Gospel motivate you in this?
  • God's grace is found in Jesus (Luke 1:32-34).  Jesus is fully human, fully God, and King. His name means 'God saves.'  What does that name reveal about God? About you?
  • Jesus is called great. What is the difference between Jesus' greatness and Herod's greatness? What is the difference TODAY between Jesus kind of greatness and Herod's type of greatness? How and why are we tempted toward Herod's kind of greatness?
  • God's grace demands a response.  What do you learn from Mary's response in Luke 1:38? How is this your heart toward God? How is it not your attitude? 
  • How would your life be different if your daily response to God was 'I am your slave. May it be done to me according to your will.' ? 


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