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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - Apathy to Expectation

Group Discussion - Apathy to Expectation

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Apathy is the greatest threat to the church and a dead church is the greatest evil in the world.

Scripture: Malachi 1:1-3, 1:6-13, 2:10-16, 3:6-12, 3:1-5, 4:1-3


  • What is spiritual apathy? What does spiritual apathy look like in your life?  
  • Is a dead church really the greatest evil in the world? Why or why not?
  • God's word to His spiritually apathetic: 'I have loved you and I love you still' (1:2).  Why is this what we need to hear when we are stuck in apathy?
  • The spiritually apathetic have a low view of God's love and a low view of God's mission. When and how has this been true in your life?
  • The people have a low view of worship (1:6-13) and they do not give God their best. What is the equivalent today to bringing sick and lame sacrifices to God?  
  • The people have a low view of the marriage covenant (2:10-16) stemming from their low view of their covenant with God.  How can the church today graciously and compassionately hold up a high view of marriage, rooted in a high view of God's covenant love?
  • The people have a low view of generosity (3:6-12).  When are you most tempted to 'rob God.'  Who has a personal story of the power of generosity you are willing to share?
  • Hope is what fuels God's people to live pure, loving lives.  Malachi grounds his message in judgment laced with hope (3:1-4 and 4:1-3). The same fire of God that burns the wicked serves as a refining fire to purify those who fear the Lord.  How have you experienced God's refining fire in your life?  
  • Malachi looks forward to Christmas - the coming of the Lord.  How would your life look if you approached each day with the Christmas expectation that God has something for you to unwrap?  How is God calling you to repent and return to Him? How can this group help?