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Group Discussion - Ascended

Posted by Matt McGowen on

The Ascension means the King is Victorious, The King is Available, The King is Returning

Read Acts 1:6-11

Discussion Questions:

  • Share a time when '2 worlds collided' in your life.  Whether work and school, family and church, social media and work, etc.  
  • How do the different 'worlds' we simultaneously live in help us understand the relationship between heaven and earth?  What does it mean when we say that heaven and earth 'overlap?'
  • Read Ephesians 1:16-23, Philippians 2:5-11, Romans 8:34.   What do these tell you about the significance of the ascension?
  • The King is Victorious - the ascension of Jesus means He is seated above all rulers, authorities, powers.  Evil has done its worst to Jesus but He overcame. Jesus is king and there is nothing evil can do about that!  How can this truth set you free?
  • Read Daniel 7:11-14. How is this connected to the ascension of Jesus? 
  • The ascension means that the PERSON of Jesus is vindicated AND the WAY of Jesus is vindicated. What do we mean by the 'WAY' of Jesus?
  • The King is Available. Rom 8:34.  What difference does it make that the king makes intercession for you, is pulling for you?
  • The King is Returning.  The angels told the apostles, 'He is returning.'  What will He do when He returns? What do we do in the meantime?