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Group Discussion - Confused

Posted by Matt McGowen on

In denying myself, I make space for One who is greater than me.

Scripture: Luke 9

  • What are ways that God is confusing or perplexing?
  • What are some lessons that you find yourself having to learn over and over again?
  • Read Luke 9:23-24.  How would the disciples have felt when they first heard these words? What is Jesus saying?
  • If you saw a man 'take up his cross,' he was embarking on a 1 way journey. What does this say about discipleship to Jesus?
  • 'Taking up your cross' means to treasure Jesus above all else - more than life, reputation, comfort.  How is true self-denial rooted in treasuring Jesus?
  • I have to die to my desire to be God, die to my determination to define God in my own image, die to my depraved tendency to choose sin over Jesus, and die to my deception that Jesus promises an easy of life. Which of these is hardest for you?
  • John Owen said, 'Be killing sin or sin will be killing you.' What does this mean? How do we kill sin?
  • Brene Brown said, "'Church wasn't an epidural. It was a midwife. It just stood next to me and said, 'Push. It's supposed to hurt a little bit.'" Unpack this statement. 
  • What are ways we can deny our flesh and treasure Jesus (example: refuse vengeance when I'd rather get even)?
  • Discuss Martin Luther King Jr.'s quote, 'Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve' in light of Luke 9:46-48.