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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - Good News for Troubled People

Group Discussion - Good News for Troubled People

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Jesus brings good news for troubled people and troubling news for good people.

Scripture: Luke 4:14-30


  • What is your most awkward church moment?
  • What does it mean that Jesus brings good news for the troubled and troubling news for the 'good'?
  • Everyone was praising Jesus and speaking highly of him (4:15) but we fill find that Jesus is opposed by many of the same people.  It's possible to honor Jesus with our lips but oppose him with our hearts. Why is that?
  • Jesus goes to the synagogue 'as was his custom'  Can you imagine regularly being engaged with church if you knew the people there wanted to kill you?  Why does Jesus faithfully stay connected to the synagogue?
  • Jesus read from Isaiah 61 a prophecy of the messiah and declares that He is the fulfillment of all the promises and hopes and dreams of the Scripture.  How would it have felt to be in that crowd?
  • How does Jesus bring good news to the poor? How does this apply to spiritually poor, economically poor, physically poor?
  • Jesus pronounces liberty to captives and to oppressed.  The word translated 'liberty' is also the word for forgiveness. How does God's forgiveness of us bring liberty?
  • How does extending forgiveness to others bring liberty?
  • How is Jesus' mission (defined in the Scripture he read above) now the church's mission?
  • The people became enraged when Jesus placed himself in line with Elijah and Elisha who offered grace to outsiders. God has a track record of saving the 'wrong' people.  How are we tempted to try to reserve church for 'good' people? How does this damage our mission?
  • In Luke 4 Jesus is opposed by the devil, then opposed by people.  How do people today try to 'throw Jesus out of church?'
  • Those in attendance at synagogue that day were good people who loved God. They were staring at the answer to their prayer yet they rejected him. How can this humble us today?
  • When have you opposed something that was an answer to your prayers?