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Group Discussion - Good News of the Kingdom

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Jesus Preaches the Life Transforming Message that God is King Here and Now.

Scripture: Luke 4:42-44, Luke 4:21-37, 4:38-41, 5:12-16, 5:27-32


  • What makes hypocrisy in others so disappointing and upsetting?
  • In what ways do you struggle with hypocrisy?
  • Jesus does NOT struggle with hypocrisy - what difference does that make?
  • In Luke 4-5 we see Jesus interacting with the sick, the discouraged, the demon possessed, and the sinful. What does that reveal about who you are called to spend your time with?
  • Jesus proclaims the good news that God is king, God rules, God's kingdom has come near (4:42-44).  How is this message different from what you've often heard in church? How is this message transforming?
  • Peter's mother in law immediately begins serving after she is healed (4:38-41).  Why do people who've had an encounter with Christ love to serve?  What hinders our desire to serve? 
  • How would you have felt if you saw Jesus reach out and touch a leper? (5:12-16) Why does he do this? 
  • How would you have felt when you saw Jesus hanging out with tax collectors? (5:27-32) Why does he do this? 
  • How did you relate to the story about the rescue mission that forgot its mission?  How can we maintain clarity on what our mission truly is? What is it?