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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion: Gospel-Driven Community

Group Discussion: Gospel-Driven Community

Posted by Matt McGowen on

A healthy person and a healthy community is one that does the diligent work of rooting out what is not healthy and cultivating what is healthy.

Scripture: Acts 2:42-47, 1 Peter 5:1-5


  • Matt shared about mesquite trees and cactus overtaking his family's ranch.  Just because something grows and spreads, doesn't make it healthy. Cactus and cancer are unhealthy but they both grow!  Removing what is unhealthy from your life and replacing it with what is healthy requires diligence, faith, and God's empowering spirit.  What is a 'cactus' in your life that needs to be uprooted? Fear, pride, anxiety, sin patterns, something else? How can this group help you?
  • Read Acts 2:42-47.  Trinity's core values G.R.O.W. (Gospel, Relationships, On Mission, Worship) come right from this passage.  The early church grows and spreads but it's a healthy growth.  As you read this passage, how would you describe the Acts church?
  • The Gospel brings about transformation - how does the news of King Jesus change lives?
  • Christ-Centered relationships are the soil of transformation. What do we mean by this? 
  • Mission is the fruit of transformation.  What does it mean to live on mission? How is mission the natural overflow of abiding in Christ?
  • Worship is the fuel of transformation.  How does individual and corporate worship fuel change in a believer's life? What are the consequences when self is worshiped instead of Christ?
  • Healthy leadership is a vital part of healthy community. God has designed family and church to be led by healthy leaders.  Read 1 Peter 5:1-5.  What are the primary roles of church leaders?
  • 1 Peter 5:5 tells all of us - leaders and congregation alike - to clothe ourselves in humility toward one another.  Why is humility a defining characteristic of Christ-followers?
  • How is pride like a stubborn prickly pear that keeps popping back up? 
  • How is pride a struggle in your life?