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Group Discussion - Gospel

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Every Believer Can Impact the World by Sharing the Savior's Story in the Power of the Spirit.


Acts 2:14-41

  • In the mid 1800s Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis shared the good news that childbed fever could be eradicated if doctors washed their hands.  This good news was rejected.  Why do we reject truth that contradicts our ideas?
  • The Gospel is the cure for humanity's heart problem.  What prevents us from sharing the Gospel message?
  • When sharing the Gospel, be prepared to Answer a question.  Peter's Gospel sermon arises in response to the crowd wondering what is going on with the disciples.  What are ways that a relationship with Jesus transforms our lives, making us different?
  • Confess Christ. Christ is at the center of Peter's Gospel Sermon.  Peter presents Jesus as the crucified and risen King who fulfills Old Testament prophecy (Acts 2:22-28).  We haven't shared the Gospel until we have shared the story of Jesus.  'We don't respond to the Gospel just by coming to church, we respond to the Gospel by becoming the church.' What does this mean?
  • Tell the Truth.  Acts 2:23-24.  God is Sovereign, man is sinful, Christ is King.  People are a mess and God loves people who are a mess!  What is a difficult truth to tell when sharing the Gospel?
  • Share your story. Acts 2:32 no one could take away from Peter that he was a witness of Jesus' resurrection. No one can take your story from you. Sharing your personal story of salvation is integral to sharing the gospel.  
  • The Gospel demands a response.  The crowds are 'cut to the heart' Acts 2:37. Before the Gospel cures us, it must cut us. How does God work in the Gospel message to 'cut' us? How do the callouses get removed from our heart?