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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion: Jesus is Better than Noah

Group Discussion: Jesus is Better than Noah

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Noah's life is a witness to God's faithfulness and a warning of our wandering hearts.

Scripture: Genesis 6:5-22


  • In Philippians 3:12-14 Paul compares the Christian life to a race. How is your race going?  If something was to trip you up or get you off track, what would it be?
  • What does it look like for you to finish your race strong?
  • Noah's context was that he lived amongst a godless generation.  What do you think of the Genesis 6:5 description of humanity?
  • Noah's character is described as blameless (all in), righteous, and walking with God.  Noah isn't perfect but he is pursuing God.  Rather than a wholehearted pursuit of Jesus, we tend to approach life like a buffet with a little Jesus on the side. What's on your plate that doesn't need to be?
  • Noah's Call - God gives Noah a very specific task (Gen 6:10-22) but based on the description of Noah he was following the Lord before this specific assignment. It was in the context of walking out general obedience to God that Noah discovered his specific call. How do we sometimes get stuck looking for our specific calling? What are the things we are all called to do?
  • Noah's Covenant is found in Genesis 9:7-17. What stands out to you about God's commission to Noah and His covenant with Noah?  
  • In Genesis 9:20-24 we read about Noah's crash. He took a good thing (wine) and misused it, ending up drunk, naked and ashamed. God started over with the best man on earth and he still ended up where Adam ended up - naked and ashamed.  How is this encouraging and discouraging?  
  • Noah needed more than a new environment, he needed a new heart. How does this speak to you?
  • Noah is a witness to us in many ways. He is willing to be a fool for God.  How might God call you to be a fool?
  • Noah is particularly a witness to parents - he leads his family to the ark and God seals them in. How can you lead your kids to the cross and trust Jesus to seal them there?
  • Noah's life is also a warning of human folly.  How can you finish strong?
  • Discuss how Jesus is better than Noah - better obedience, better faithfulness, better sacrifice, and a better covenant.