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Group Discussion - Kingdom Language

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Because Jesus has ushered in a new day, we can live today in a new way.

Scripture: Luke 6:20-49


  • Have you ever had an awkward experience trying to communicate in a different language?
  • How is learning the kingdom life kind of like learning a new language?  
  • Are Jesus' words in this passage law or gospel? What difference does that make?
  • Of all Jesus says in this passage, what seems the most 'foreign' to you?
  • Talk about the 'blesseds' and the 'woes' in 6:20-26.  What are we to make of these words?
  • Look at Luke 6:27-36 and see how the good news of the kingdom (Jesus is king!) transforms relationships. These are not random 'rules.' These words are rooted in God's character.  How do these words reveal God's character?
  • How does Jesus fulfill these words?  
  • Do you believe that this is the kind of person Jesus is making you into? How can you cooperate in that?
  • Look at the words about the trees in 6:43-45. What do these words reveal about the need for heart transformation? How does a heart get transformed?