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Group Discussion - Love Honors

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Shame robs your identity, Jesus restores your identity, true community reminds you of your identity.

Read Romans 12:10

Discussion Questions:

  • Have you ever been in a situation where you needed ID but didn't have it? What happened?
  • Sometimes we forget our true identity in Christ and we need others to remind us who we are. How has true community helped you remember who you are?
  • Read Romans 12:10. To honor someone is to respect or esteem them, to acknowledge their dignity. What are some practical examples of honoring one another?
  • We have a problem giving and receiving honor - the problem is shame.  Shame is that sense of exposure that evil uses to diminish and demean us.  Shame makes us want to hide from God and each other. How does Jesus address our shame?
  • Read Psalm 34:5.  What does shame do to your face? What does looking to Jesus do to your face?
  • We can't honor or receive honor from one another if our heads are hung in shame. When we look to Jesus we receive honor FROM God - 'you are my child' which empowers us to give honor TO God and others.  When we say, 'shamed people shame people,' what do we mean? How have you seen this play out?
  • Often we only see the wrong or the weird or the wicked in others and wonder what can be honored in them. Bob Goff writes, 'We'll see what we spend the most time looking for.' What does this say to you?
  • Matt shared an example of an elderly couple who honored him in unmerited ways. Who is someone in your life that demonstrated honor/affirmation to you? 
  • We can honor one another through:
    • Giving preference to one another
    • Affirming one another
    • Talking about each other behind their backs (in a good way!)
    • Giving our face to one another.

What would you add? Which do you struggle most with? Which are you good at?