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Group Discussion - Love Serves

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Love serves when life stinks.

Read John 13:1-34

Discussion Questions:

  • When was there a time in your life when someone serving you through prayer, meeting a need, etc. made a big difference?
  • Christlike love is more than a feeling - it is active, tangible, unconditional.  Why does this matter?
  • As you think of your past week, have you been more of a taker or a giver? How can the group help one another in this area?
  • How does a 'serve me' attitude affect relationships?
  • The disciples are good at keeping score and arguing over who is 'the greatest.'  How does this keep them from taking initiative to wash one anothers' feet?
  • What is the pattern/example Jesus gives us in John 13:15?
  • Jesus' service is rooted in his identity (John 13:3). How does knowing who you are in Christ empower you to serve?
  • True service empowers others to serve (John 13:14).  What's the difference between being Christlike and being codependent?
  • True service is a taste of death AND a taste of life. How?
  • Discuss ways we can 'wash feet' today. In which of these do you need to grow more? What would you add?
    • Daily acts that probably go unnoticed
    • Doing menial tasks that 'aren't our job' but others don't want to do
    • Praying for those whose feet have taken them places they don't need to go.  Prayer is a great way to wash feet and is much more effective than just being disappointed in others.
    • Speaking the truth in love.  
  • Often when people have 'stinky feet' (in other words, have sin or struggles or stinky situations going on) we're tempted toward either DENIAL (pretending the issue isn't going on) or CONDEMNATION (demanding they go clean their own feet before they are welcome).  How is Jesus' way different from either of those?