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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - Love Speaks the Truth

Group Discussion - Love Speaks the Truth

Posted by Matt McGowen on

If we are going to grow up in Christ, we need a steady diet of truth and love.

Read Ephesians 4:11-16

Discussion Questions

  • In Ephesians 4:11-16 Paul connects 'speaking the truth in love' to growing up in maturity, no longer being tossed about by every wind.  How does having truth tellers in our lives help us grow?
  • In light of John 1:17 (grace and truth came through Jesus), is it accurate to claim to be a 'grace person' or a 'truth person?' How does God want to unite grace and truth in His people?
  • John Stott writes, 'Truth becomes hard if not softened by love. Love becomes soft if not strengthened by truth.' What does this mean to you?
  • What heart should motivate 'speaking the truth in love?'
  • What are some differences between being a 'truth speaker' and just being a jerk?
  • Becky and Matt shared some practical for how to have hard conversations. Which of these is most helpful for you and why? 
    • Pray 
    • Be in God's word
    • Set up an in person meeting (rather than trying to have heart conversations electronically or just waiting for the talk to magically happen)
    • Remind yourself how ugly sin is - this makes it less personal and helps have empathy and humility
    • Seek wise counsel
    • Be clear, not accusatory
    • Ask questions - together seek God's best
    • Pray together and commit to continue to walk alongside
    • Follow up - Don't expect one conversation to solve everything!
  • What helps prepare your heart to receive admonishment/ correction from someone else? 
  • Who have you given permission to speak truth to you?
  • Often when we talk about truth telling, we think of correction. But the majority of truth telling is affirming - reminding one another of who we are in Christ.  Who is someone who has affirmed you with biblical truth?
  • Who is someone you can affirm with biblical truth this week?
  • Is there a hard conversation you've been putting off? How can this group pray for you or help in any other way?