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Group Discussion - Mercy

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Salvation is grounded in mercy, not merit

Scripture: Romans 9


  • In the game of 'mercy,' it's a humbling, humiliating act of surrender to cry out for mercy.  When have you been at someone's mercy? Why is mercy humbling?
  • In Scripture we find a tension between God's sovereignty and human freedom in terms of salvation.  What Scriptures help you understand this tension?
  • God's mercy moves us to grieve for the lost (Romans 9:1-5). Paul's grief is deep and real.  Why do few Christians grieve for our lost friends?  
  • Paul's grief indicates he believes everyone spends eternity somewhere.  How can this belief increase your passion for sharing the Gospel?
  • In Romans 9:6-18 Paul tells the story of Israel from Exodus to Exile.  We see that god has always operated on a mercy system, not a merit system. Why are humans drawn to a merit system?
  • What is the meaning of Romans 9:16? What are signs you have a low view of God's mercy and a high view of your merit?
  • After slavery, the holocaust, countless genocides, why do so many people insist that humanity is good?  
  • In light of Romans 9:19-20, discuss this statement: the problem with the world is not that God fails to meet our standard but we have failed to meet his.  
  • By God's mercy he chose Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and so on down to a remnant of Jews and eventually down to 1.  Jesus, the righteous one stepped into our world and we crucified Him. Jesus is the chosen one who has opened the door of salvation to all who will trust him - no matter your family or your past.  How does Jesus' life show you what it means to be 'chosen?'
  • Paul has a high view of God's sovereignty AND a high view of God's mercy. As a result he shares the Gospel with anyone who will listen.  How can we pray for you as you share with your 1 this week?