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Group Discussion - No Other Rock

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1, 1 Samuel 2:1-10


  • Matt Shared a personal story of a time his pride was shattered. How have you personally experienced God's opposition to pride and his grace to the humble?
  • Before we hear about the great men Samuel, Saul, or David we meet a barren, heartbroken woman whose hopes have been crushed.  Yet she worships God.  Why do you think we are introduced to Hannah's story?
  • Hannah's name means grace.  God's grace shapes us into people characterized by worship, humility, and generosity.  How have you experienced this work of grace in your life?
  • Hannah worships, even when her prayers aren't being answered the way she desires and she continues to worship after her prayers are answered.  When do you struggle to worship?
  • Discuss this thought from Eugene Peterson: "We live in what one writer calls the 'age of sensation.' We think that if we don’t feel something there can be no authenticity in doing it. But the wisdom of God says something different: that we can act ourselves into a new way of feeling much quicker than we can feel ourselves into a new way of acting. Worship is an act that develops feelings for God, not a feeling for God that is expressed in an act of worship."
  • Hannah is humble (1:12-18). Look at the contrast between Hannah and Eli.  Eli has a worship problem (he doesn't recognize true worship when he sees it) and an empathy problem (he does not seek to understand).  How/Why are religious people tempted to become like Eli?
  • Hannah is generous (1:24-28). God's grace has made Hannah a giver.  The sons of Eli, by contrast, are takers (See 2:12-17).  How are you like Hannah? How are you like Eli's sons?
  • What stands out to you in Hannah's song of worship (2:1-10)?