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Group Discussion - Our Father

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Knowing God as Father is the first step and the finish line of prayer.


Scripture: Matthew 6:9, Mark 14:32-42


  • What are some 'weeds' in your life that keep cropping up again?
  • How does prayer cultivate healthy soil in our hearts?
  • How is knowing God as Father both the first step and finish line of prayer?
  • Dallas Willard defines prayer as, 'Talking to God about what we are doing together.'  What do you think of this description?
  • Why does the New Testament place such emphasis on God's fatherhood? What are some differences between living as an orphan vs. a child of God?
  • To be God's child means intimacy with God, freedom from slavery, and apprenticeship to God. What do each of these mean in your life?
  • What does it mean to 'hallow' God's name and how can this group help one another in that?
  • Read Mark 14:32-42.  Being God's child does not prevent suffering, it prepares us for suffering.  How can this comfort you?
  • In Jesus' greatest agony we see his greatest intimacy with His Father.  What does this teach you?