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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - Recklessly Extravagant

Group Discussion - Recklessly Extravagant

Posted by Matt McGowen on

The recklessly extravagant love of God is the deepest hope for the rebel AND the religious.

Scripture: Luke 15

Discussion Questions:

  • Read Luke 15:1-2.  The irreligious and sinful are drawn to Jesus. Why? What does this reveal about Jesus?
  • The religious grumble. Why?
  • Prodigal means 'to spend in a recklessly extravagant way.'  Is this how you normally have understood 'prodigal?'
  • Why would a good name for the parable be 'the story of 2 lost sons?'  How are the younger and older brother both lost and far from their father's heart?
  • In Act 1 we see the younger brother leave home, seeking fulfillment away from his father but ending up alone and empty.  Why are we prone to wander in this way?
  • In the restoration of the prodigal son, we see an incredible picture of grace.  What does the father's heart reveal about God?
  • In Act 2 we see the older brother, as usual doing what he's supposed to do. When he hears the party, he is furious.  What do we see about the older brother's heart? How is he far from the father even though he never left home?  Why are we prone to wander in this way?
  • What is the father's heart toward the older brother?
  • How is God 'prodigal' (recklessly extravagant) in his grace toward each of his sons?