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Group Discussion - ReFocus

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Life comes into focus when we focus on Jesus.

Read Colossians 3:1-4

Discussion Questions:

  • Matt shared about how distorted his vision was before he got glasses in the 3rd grade.  He couldn't see but didn't know he couldn't see.  When has there been a time your spiritual vision was distorted but you didn't know it?
  • We were created for community - why did God put a desire for connection within us?  
  • What are some ways community lets us down? What are some ways we let community down? How can we overcome these?
  • Richard Rohr says, 'People don't see things as they are, they see things as THEY are.'  What does this say to you?  How does our lens affect what we see?
  • What are some distorted lenses we sometimes view life through?
  • In Colossians 3, Paul reminds us of our identity.  You have died and risen with Christ! Why is telling people WHO they ARE more effective than telling them WHAT to DO?  
  • How does your 'one another' life with Jesus impact your 'one another' life with others?  
  • How are you and Jesus doing? How are your human relationships? How can we pray?