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Group Discussion - Relationship

Posted by Matt McGowen on

We weren't designed to do life alone - and thankfully we don't have to!

Read Acts 2:42-47

Discussion Questions:

  • What are common stereotypes about church? Where do these come from?
  • Name the cultural characteristics of a healthy church found in Acts 2:42. How do these differ from common stereotypes?
  • How can we trust God's sovereign plan when we find ourselves in Christian community but don't really feel like we 'fit?'
  • What is the primary thing that makes relationship (parenting, marriage, friendship, life group) so hard? 
  • Part of the nature of sin is to filter everything through a lens of 'how does this benefit me.'  How is this attitude destructive to Christian relationship and how can we overcome it?
  • The early church was DEVOTED (occupied diligently with, paying persistent attention to) biblical teaching and Christ-centered relationship.  How can this type of devotion be cultivated today?
  • Unhealthy community is characterized by condemnation, lack of correction, codependence, and/or lack of empathy. How have you experienced or contributed to these types of unhealthy relationship?
  • Healthy community is characterized by:
    • Affirmation - Take some time now to affirm what you see God doing in one another.
    • Confession (James 5:16)-  Take time now to confess sin and pray together.
    • Trust - As relationships grow in affirmation, confession, and prayer, trust develops.  What will help this group grow in trust?
    • Service (John 13:34) - Healthy groups serve one another and others.  How can this group grow in service to one another and others?