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Group Discussion - Tested

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Jesus' life is characterized by one ultimate foundation and one ultimate destination.

Scripture: Luke 3:21-22, Luke 4:1-13


  • We talked a lot about affirmation on Sunday. Godly affirmation is not just saying nice things... it is seeing God at work in someone and pointing it out. Who is someone that has been a steady voice of affirmation in your life?
  • How do you struggle to give or receive godly affirmation? Why?
  • In getting baptized, Jesus shows deep humility and he identifies with and represents the sinners he came to save. What does this tell you about Jesus?
  • The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus after his baptism, signifying the beginning of his public ministry.  Jesus also hears the Father's voice, 'You are my beloved son, in you I am well pleased (I find deep delight).'  We spoke about this interchange being a glimpse into the inner workings of the Trinity. How does it impact your view of God that Father, Son, Holy Spirit are constantly honoring, blessing, exalting one another from all eternity? (John 16:13-14, 17:1)
  • If you find yourself constantly critical of others, what does that indicate about your view of God and relationship with God? How is this a struggle for you?
  • How does Jesus' clarity on His ultimate foundation (I am my Father's beloved Son) and ultimate destination (My purpose is to honor my Father) carry Him through temptation and trial? How does the evil one attempt to derail Jesus' ultimate foundation and destination?
  • Brennan Manning wrote, “My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.” How are life and relationships transformed when this is our deepest awareness? How does this become our deepest awareness?
  • How does Jesus respond to the temptations (satan's attempts to derail Jesus' ultimate foundation and destination)?  How is this a pattern for us?  
  • How is Jesus' victory over the evil one a representative victory similar to David's victory over Goliath? How do we reap the benefits?
  • Read Philippians 3:7-14.  How does this attitude terrify evil? How does evil attempt to derail us from this?