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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - The Sequel

Group Discussion - The Sequel

Posted by Matt McGowen on

God's big story continues to unfold through the Risen King's Spirit empowered people.

Read Acts 1:1-11

Discussion Questions:

  • What's your favorite movie sequel? Least favorite?
  • A good sequel has continuity with the original but moves the story forward in fresh and unexpected ways.  How does Acts move the Gospel story forward?
  • What's the difference between seeing church as a 'cruise ship' vs. a 'battle ship?'  
  • Even though Jesus has ascended to the Father's right hand, His Kingdom ministry continues.  How did Jesus' kingdom ministry actually expand after His ascension?
  • The church's witness continues.  The church is a people called out and captivated by King Jesus.  The church is a people God shows His glory TO and shows His glory THROUGH.  Were you raised to understand the church as a building? Or as a people?  How can we get this right?
  • Share with one another how you see God's glory manifested in each other's lives.
  • The church in Acts is a movement- a hurricane with King Jesus at the epicenter.  How do we recover this vision of church?
  • 'But you will receive power...'  How have you experienced the dunamis power of God's Spirit? How do you need to?
  • John Piper writes, 'Being baptized with the Holy Spirit is when a believer in Jesus Christ receives extraordinary power for Christ-exalting ministry.'  Discuss this definition.
  • 'And you will be my witnesses.' The craziest thing the Spirit of God does in our lives and the primary work He accomplishes is taking us from dry bones to empowered witness of the Risen King.  What does it mean to be His witnesses?
  • 'Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor' - Charles Spurgeon.  What is Spurgeon saying here? How has God called and empowered you to be a missionary?