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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - The Story Continues

Group Discussion - The Story Continues

Posted by Matt McGowen on

God's Big story Continues to Move Forward Through His Spirit Empowered People. 

Read Acts 28:30-31

Discussion Questions:

  • Did you ever run track or cross country? What did you love or hate about it?
  • Paul is passionately concerned with 'passing the baton' to others.  How is the image of 'passing the baton' a helpful image for making disciples?
  • Who are some people who 'passed the baton' to you? In other words, who shared Jesus with you and helped shape you as his follower?
  • Passing the baton in a relay can be challenging even for Olympic athletes. What are some challenges that prevent us from 'passing the baton' to others?
  • When Paul FINALLY arrived in Rome, he found:
    • Community (28:15)  - Paul has community with people he has never met, because they have Christ in common.  What role does Christian community play in your life?
    • Challenge (28:16) - Paul finds captivity in Rome. Arriving in chains was not his plan!  Is there a challenge in your life we can pray for now?
    • Opportunity (28:17-23) - Even in chains, Paul is concerned with 'passing the baton.' He is seizing opportunities to share the Gospel.  When life takes a bad turn, how can we remember that we still have a baton, still have a race to run?
    • Heartbreak (28:24-29) - Paul's fellow Jews do not, for the most part, believe.  Paul applies Isaiah's prophecy to them, that they have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear.  How have these words at times applied to the church?
    • Mission (28:30-31) - The book of Acts 'ends' with Paul teaching and preaching, passing the baton.  We don't hear all the details of what happens to Paul because Paul is not the hero of the story - Jesus is!  The book of Acts is actually still being written - the baton has now been passed to you and I.  How is God calling you to step forward?