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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - The Word of Humanity

Group Discussion - The Word of Humanity

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Icebreaker: Play 1 round of the 'things' game.  Each person writes down their response to this question: 'Things you know nothing about.' (See instructions below)

Discussion Questions:

Scripture: John 19:28-29

What are some ways that Jesus' death fulfills Scripture?

We spoke of Jesus' 5th word from the cross, 'I thirst' as 'the word of humanity.'  In suffering thirst, Jesus meets us in our place of desperation. Jesus is fully God AND fully human.  What does Hebrews 2:17-18 tell you about Jesus' humanity?   

What does the image of thirst awaken for you?  When was a time in your life you were thirsty for God?  What are other things you've tried to quench your thirst with?

What connections do you see between John 4 (woman at the well), John 7:37-39 (promise of rivers of living water) and Jesus' word of thirst? 

Jesus is offered sour wine to drink.  The one who offers new wine to us (John 2) receives sour wine from us.  What does this say to you?

What is the significance of the blood and water that flows from Jesus side in John 19:34?  In what sense is this the 'rivers of living water' spoken of before?

The giver of living water suffered thirst so that we could drink our fill.


Instructions for things game: Each person writes their answer and turns in.  One person reads each answer, then go around the room trying to guess who said what.  The reader writes a response but does not guess. Once you are correctly guessed, you are out. Last one in wins!