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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - Waiting

Group Discussion - Waiting

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Waiting becomes worship as we remember God is working while we wait.

Scripture: Psalm 130


  • Why is waiting so hard for us? When do you have the hardest time waiting?
  • What does 'waiting' look like for you right now?
  • What does the genealogy of Jesus (Matthew 1) remind us about waiting and God's plan?
  • When have you related to the psalmist in 130:1?
  • When have you walked through a situation where you realized God was working under the surface when it looked like nothing was happening?
  • What can God cultivate in us as we wait?
  • What is one way this week you can practice receiving waiting as a gift?
  • How is biblical waiting different from passivity or avoidance? See Psalm 130:5-6.
  • How does the example of a watchman inform what it means to wait on the Lord?
  • When you are down or in a pit, how can 'do the next right thing' be a helpful reminder to you? How can you practice that this week?