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TBCSW Blog - Group Discussion - Walking Paradox

Group Discussion - Walking Paradox

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Jesus is bigger than our boxes!

Scripture: Luke 5:17-26


  • What are some boxes we try to put God in?
  • What are some 'paradoxical' statements made by Jesus? (Example: if you lose your life you'll find it)
  • Read Luke 5:17-26. Jesus attracts the dutiful and the desperate? How are we all both dutiful and desperate?
  • Bob Goff says, 'Most of pride's prisoners think they are the guards.' What does this statement say to you?
  • How are we tempted to be like the Pharisees today?
  • What's the difference between being merely informed and being transformed?
  • Why were Jesus' words here so controversial?
  • How do healings and forgiveness both point to a greater reality - that Jesus is the 'Son of Man' of Daniel 7, the long expected king?
  • People walked away marveling at the 'extraordinary things' (paradoxes) they had seen.  How does Jesus change our 'campfire conversations?'
  • How is Jesus a 'walking paradox' who refuses to fit into a neat box?
  • How do you become a 'walking paradox' when you walk with Jesus?