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Jesus is Better than Daniel

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Our Sovereign God can turn your misery into ministry.

Scripture: Daniel 1


  • Read Romans 12:1-2.  How have you struggled this week with 'conforming?'  What is 1 way you can cooperate with God's work of transformation in your life?
  • Read Daniel 1:1-3.  Daniel's people are punished for their sin and taken into exile, just as Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden.  Why does God punish our sin?
  • There is more going on than punishment - God has a bigger plan! God sends Daniel and his friends into Babylon as involuntary missionaries. How does your perspective change if you view your life as a short-term mission trip?
  • Daniel and his friends live in Babylon as 'resident aliens' (Daniel 1:4-7).  Babylon tries to take their identity and give them a new identity. Babylon wants them to conform.  In what sense do we live in a 'Babylon' today? What are ways our Babylon indoctrinates or seduces us and how can we resist?
  • Daniel RESOLVES (1:8) not to defile himself. Not to conform.  Daniel refuses to be bought by Babylon.  Have you resolved to not conform, but be transformed? What steps can you take to strengthen this resolve?
  • How does Daniel point us to Jesus?
  • How is God calling you to repent and resolve?