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Jesus is Better than Gideon

Posted by Matt McGowen on

God sees where He's taking you and knows what He's making you.

Scripture: Judges 6


  • Matt compared Walker Tx Ranger and George Costanza.  We expect Walker to be courageous but would be truly amazed to see courage from Costanza.  Do you feel more like a spiritual Walker Tx Ranger or a spiritual George Costanza?
  • Why would God intentionally choose to work through the George Costanzas of the world?
  • The book of Judges tells of a dark period in Israel's history. A time of moral and spiritual confusion when 'everyone did what was right in his own eyes.'  How are you tempted to do what's right in your own eyes? What's the alternative?
  • False gods promise to save but they only enslave. How have you seen this to be true?
  • God Begins His work in your heart. In Judges 6, the people do what is evil in the sight of the Lord (rebellion) and God sends the Midianites as punishment (wrath).  The people cry out to God for help (repentance) and the first thing God does is send a prophet. He sends a prophet because more than a Midianite problem, the people have a HEART problem.  What's your 'Midianite' issue right now? How is God wanting to deal with YOUR heart?
  • God calls the weak. Gideon is more like George Costanza than Walker Tx Ranger when we meet him. Read Judges 6. Gideon is hiding and continues to test God.  God calls this cowardly man 'a mighty man of valor.' God calls deep truth into existence. What does this mean for you? What does God call you?
  • Gideon makes excuses but the Lord tells him "I am with you." How is this the answer to any excuse you might make?
  • God is patient with our doubts. Gideon keeps testing God asking for 'one more sign.'  How is the cross the greatest sign you could ever need?
  • How is Jesus better than Gideon?