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Jesus is Better than Joseph

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Nothing can ultimately derail your life when your life is defined by God with you.

Scripture: Genesis 39, Genesis 50:19-21


  • Name a time in your life when you know God was with you. Did you realize it at the time?  
  • 4 Times in Genesis 39 we read, 'God was with Joseph' even though life was terrible.  How might Joseph have struggled to believe this? How do we see evidence of his faith?
  • Joseph's brothers betrayed him and grievously sinned against him. So did Potiphar's wife.  Yet God's plan for Joseph was not derailed.  God worked through all this sin and evil to put Joseph right where he needed to be. How have you seen this play out in your own life?
  • Read Genesis 50:19.  Joseph refuses to take vengeance because he refuses to place himself on God's throne.  What does he mean?
  • In Genesis 50:20 Joseph calls his brother's actions evil (he doesn't minimize) yet he also sees God's hand in it.  The clearest picture of God working through human evil is the cross of Jesus Christ.  How can you look for God's hand in a difficult situation you are facing today?
  • In Genesis 50:21 Joseph goes the extra mile. He pledges to provide and care for those who harmed him! How does this point to Jesus?
  • Because God is with Joseph, suffering doesn't define him. Success doesn't define him. Sin doesn't define him.  What does it mean to be defined by, 'God is with me?'
  • Joseph is empowered to forgive by God's presence.  How?
  • How significant is it that Jesus is, 'God with us?'
  • What similarities do you see between Jesus and Joseph?
  • How is Jesus better than Joseph?