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Jesus is Better than Rahab

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Let the Gospel destroy your shame or shame will destroy you.

Scripture: Joshua 2

Discussion Questions:

  • Shame can be described as a painful feeling of exposure or humiliation.  Why is shame such a powerful force?
  • Read Psalm 34:5.  What does this reveal about shame and its antidote?
  • How might Rahab have struggled with shame?
  • In welcoming enemies, providing refuge, and providing escape, how does Rahab point us to Jesus? 
  • Read Matthew 1:5. Jesus is not ashamed of Rahab. He does not refuse to be associated with her. How does this speak to you?
  • Read Joshua 2:8-13. What characterizes Rahab's faith?
  • Of all the people in Jericho God could have chosen, why Rahab?  Of all the people God could have worked through, why Rahab?
  • How do we shame ourselves? How do we shame others? Why is shame so destructive?
  • How can the Gospel destroy your shame?