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Jesus is Better than Samson

Posted by Matt McGowen on

Are you pushing people away or drawing people toward Christ?

Scripture: Judges 16:23-31, Luke 23:33-46

  • What do you remember most about the stories you heard of Samson growing up?  How is Samson's life both a witness and a warning?
  • Is Samson characterized more as one who feeds his flesh or feeds his spirit? How have you fed your flesh and how have you fed your spirit this past week?
  • Will spoke of Samson in relation to leadership.  In what ways was Samson a poor leader?  
  • How can you relate to Samson?
  • How can the Samson in you be rooted out? What role does biblical community (such as this group) play in rooting out the Samson in one another?
  • Will contrasted the death of Samson and the death of Jesus in the passages above.  What are the differences?
  • How is Jesus better than Samson?