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Posted by Bill Stein on

We are either being lead or leading.
Who has lead you in your life?

Tell of a time when someone revealed to you that you had lead them by example why you were unaware.

Scripture John 21:15-22

Jesus called Peter to be a fisher of men when He called him to leave his boat and “follow Him”. Jesus used His time on earth to disciple him and others by teaching, observing, and doing. By being a leader. After the resurrection Jesus was again calling Peter and the other disciples to “follow Him”. This time however Jesus was not asking them to physically follow Him but to follow Him in their actions as Jesus sent them out into the world to be who He discipled them to be.

Instead of asking Peter to just go, Jesus continuing to disciple him, was getting Peter to examine his heart and show him that he was ready to GO.

In your life you have had many instances were you had to determine if you were READY and SET so you could take the first step in going.
Leaving your home as an adult, committing to marriage, having a child to raise, etc.

When determining if Peter was READY, Jesus wanted him to realize what drives the love in his heart for Jesus. What drives your heart to follow Jesus? Some of your drive may be Biblical or it may be selfish. Be honest.

When determining if Peter was SET to Go, Jesus was not asking if he felt he had all the training, information, resources, time, etc, but He was asking are you set for what is to come.
Describe a time in your life when you made the decision you were ready and you experienced hard consequences.
Would you have made the same decision if you had known the outcome?

Jesus told Peter to follow Him. Peter instead took his eyes off Jesus to focus on those around him.
Can you name another time Peter took his eyes off of Jesus. What happened?
Do you think the same results were taking place now as Peter focused on John?

Many people sit in church and are taught for years. They are told and showed how to follow Jesus and that suffering and hardship are a normal part of Christian life but they never GO. They never become
the leader God created them to be. Through the gifts God has given you and the Holy Spirit dwelling with you, you have all the resources and power needed to GO.
What has or is holding you back from being the leader God called you to be?

Pray that each member sees that they are Ready and Set to Go be who God created them to be as leaders in building the Kingdom of God. Pray for those already leading that they continue to focus on Christ and lean on the Spirit.